Coach with Colleen


Coach with Colleen

You are likely a good candidate to coach
with me
if any of the following statements resonate with you:

  • I feel stuck!
  • I don’t know what I want to be
    “when I grow up.”
  • I want to take my career to the next level, and learn how to lead. 
  • I want to make my side hustle
    my main hustle.
  • I want to transition to a totally new career and I’m not sure where to start.
  •  I think I might want to be a coach!
  • I’m a creative, and want to make a living off my art.
  • I need help branding my business or side hustle.
  • I need help deciding whether to stay
    in my relationship (and what to do next if I don’t!).
  • I really need help interrupting and shifting my negative thinking.
  • I want to fall back in love with my life!

Still have questions?

Don't worry! I offer a FREE 45-minute intro consult for exactly this purpose! 

In our consult, I'll get a chance to learn more about why you're interested in coaching and what you hope to get out of it - as well as get a feel for your commitment to change. You'll have a chance to ask any questions, and learn all about the benefits, structure, and logistics of coaching. Coaching is an intimate relationship, so it's important that we have a good rapport from the get!


  • Brain-Based Coaching: Starting with the belief that rules aren’t real, I help clients switch gears from Human Doing to Human Being. Using neuroscience-based tools, I create comfortable, energizing spaces where honest growth can happen. I leverage my experience as  an entrepreneur, master ideator, brand executive and creative to coach those brave enough to define their own path. I'm here to help you turn your JOY into a life that is profitable, effective, and f*ckload of fun. 

  • Purpose-Driven Coaching: What do you want to be when you grow up? If that question stumps you, or you're feeling stuck or lost, then purpose-driven coaching is for you. It's brain-based coaching (see above for details) that is specifically targeted to helping you figure out who you want to be, how you want your life to feel, what career would both make you the happiest and allow you the lifestyle you desire. Together, we'll identify your core values, design your big, audacious goal, and develop both powerful strategies and targeted actions to help you get from here to there. 

  • Career Advancement, Leadership + Transition Coaching: This is brain-based coaching (see above for details) that is specifically oriented around your career - whether you are changing careers, leveling up, starting your own business, or launching a side hustle - I'm  here to help. As a team, we also offer resume coaching + design, interview prep, leadership coaching, small business strategy consulting, personal and business branding, and Squarespace web design.

  • Brand Coaching: This is brain-based coaching (see above for details) that is specifically oriented around developing your brand. I use my knowledge of neuroscience to help you craft a brand that is emotionally compelling (since that's how everyone makes decisions), gorgeous and actionable. Applying a coaching approach to this process ensures that the brand we develop is by you, for you. Through a super transparent, structured, and easy-to-understand process, we'll design a bangin' brand that makes your audience stop and take notice.

  • Digital Nomad Coaching: This is brain-based coaching (see above for details) that is specifically targeted to all you ballers out there living that #remotelife, heeeeeyyy. I'll work with you to iron out all the emotional and tactical complexities of life as a remote professional, leveraging my experience as a brand executive, career coach, and traveling entrepreneur. Dream big. Dream on. We got this. 

  • Life + Relationship Coaching: This is brain-based coaching (see above for details) that is specifically oriented around your personal life, thinking habits and patterns, and relationships. Whether you're looking to figure out what you're passionate about outside of work, address negative thinking patterns, develop better work/life balance, figure out whether to stay in a relationship (and what on earth to do next if you leave) - I got you. It all starts with the core foundation of understanding who you want to be, and how that translates to your life. 

  • Coaching for Coaches: Whether you want to become a coach, or are in the early stages of your coaching business, I'm here to help you show up with integrity, curiosity, and excellence. I leverage my unique experience as both a brain-based career coach and entrepreneur to make sure both you and your business succeed. 

  • Coaching Together (Small Group Coaching): There is nothing more powerful than womxn supporting womxn. Now, for only $34/week, you can join 7-10 carefully curated humans for Coaching Together-an 11-week brain-based curriculum designed to kick your ass in the best way. Not only is this neuroscience-based program super fun, it will increase your productivity, effectiveness, and confidence. You'll have a chance to design your big goal and develop powerful, practical strategies to achieve it. 

  • Additional services include the following. Please email me at colleen@rowancoaching.com to learn more!
    • Customized Workshops and Presentations for Businesses and Small Groups
    • Squarespace Web Design
    • Presentation and Pitch Design
    • LinkedIn Profile Copywriting
    • Interview and Presentation Coaching (Storytelling/Public Speaking)
    • New Hire Candidate Screening and Vetting


I discovered coaching in 2014, while on sabbatical from my position as partner in a boutique branding agency in New York City, and I've been discovering, growing, and working in the field ever since.  My approach is a unique combination of who I am as an individual and the brain-based coaching method which I've studied through New York University and  the NeuroLeadership Institute.

My particular passion is supporting people who have made (or are ready to make)
the brave decision to define their own journeys - both as professionals, and
as humans in the world.  

Frequently, this means I'm working with creatives - designers, architects, and opera singers are all in my roster.  It always means I'm working with creative thinkers, to my great joy.

I work with creative thinkers like you for a reason - and it's not only because your minds and imaginations are the real magic that fuels me day by day.  I've also walked in your shoes.  As a classically trained opera singer who taught herself graphic design before joining the branding agency mentioned above, I understand the courage and stamina it takes to define your own journey.  

I also know why it's worth it.

Coaching is more than a career for me - it's a true vocation.  It's flexible, creative, challenging, inspiring, and allows me the freedom to work from home with my two french bulldogs, Ludwig & Violet.  It even allows me to travel the world, one of my other great passions, while working.  It's my dream job because it fits so many of my core values (which is something we'll definitely explore if you decide to work with me).  


    • Big love, massive support, and a no nonsense approach. Don't expect me to flatter you just because you're paying me.  Instead, know that I'll show up ready to help you discover your true strengths, and challenge you to show me evidence for any negativity you're directing at yourself.  There is incredible power in the story we tell ourselves, inside our minds, and I'm going to help you shape a narrative that will support you to become powerful, present, and effective.
    • Conscious, growthful honesty to bring attention to areas of opportunity in your life, and help you strive towards your best self.
    • Neuroscience-based tools to help you bend your brain to your will.  It's amazing what happens when you have a clearer sense of how your brain actually works, and how that affects us both physically and emotionally.  
    • A focus on productivity, from a playful perspective.   I believe - and neuroscience supports - that "play" time is not only necessary, it is also highly productive.  I will help you discover new ways to harness your productivity and use it to fuel your big vision goals.
    • Transparency.  This and authenticity are two of my fundamental values, so you can expect clarity, openness, and to have your expectations managed throughout the process.  You're also welcome to ask me anything!
    • Fun and curiosity! I'm genuinely interested in who you are and who you want to become. So I'm going to show up to each and every session we have fully present and ready to listen, ask thoughtful and strategic questions, and lead you to unexpected insights. It's hard work, but so, so fun - and wickedly, wonderfully inspiring!




    I did say I would give you an opportunity to get to know me more as a human - not just as a coach.  So here are a few details to round out the picture you're forming of me in your mind. I'm a neuroscience-obsessed, big-hearted fairy godmother with a practical side. Get in, fam. 

    • I absolutely LOVE to read.  In fact, my intense love of the fantasy fiction genre is the initial inspiration for the name of my business, Rowan Coaching.  The very first book I read in this genre was call The Rowan, by Anne McCaffrey.  It's a story about a young woman who literally changes her life and her environment using the power of her mind, which is pretty powerful place to start!  (If you want to know more about the meaning behind the name, click here!)
    • I'm going to be totally honest with you - I'm a bit of a weirdo, and I swear like a sailor.  I sh*t you not.
    • I'm originally from the West Coast, and grew up primarily in Northern California and Oregon.
    • After graduating high school in Oregon, I pursued (and earned) a Bachelors of Music from Indiana University, Bloomington, the Jacobs School of Music.  I also have a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a minor in Western European Studies. You can learn more about my education and professional background on LinkedIn.
    • I lived in New York City for over a decade, and loved every minute!  That city is the world entire, a cacophony of beautiful diversity, energy, creativity, businesses and ideas.  If you're passionate about something in New York, there is someone who wants to support you to accomplish it.  ANYTHING is possible here.
    • I love road trips, new experiences, and learning about foreign cultures. In fact, I spent October-December 2017 traveling around South America with Remote Year, an amazing programs that connects remote professionals to the world!
    • In fact, my passion - outside of coaching and learning - is TRAVELING.  So far, I've been to 20+ countries, and I can't wait to continue exploring!
    • I have a minor obsession with cheese.
    • My dogs are (sort of) celebrities on Instagram, with almost 20,000 followers ( Nov. '15).  You can check out their smooshy little faces at instagram.com/turtlebatpig (@turtlebatpig).
    • One time someone called me a unicorn, and its stuck. 

    Want to know anything else?  Just ask!  You can get in touch with me directly at colleen@rowancoaching, or by calling me at 415.935.1802.