Happy Thanksgiving!

This is always a fun holiday to celebrate, as well as a wonderful culturally built-in moment of reflection: what do we each have to be thankful in our lives?  This is such an important practice, and one I encourage you to build into your lives as often as possible, for a single, important reason - YOU WILL BE HAPPIER.  In fact, gratitude is one of the most consistent indicators of happiness, regardless of personal health, and across socioeconomic lines. 

With this in mind, I’d like to propose a short activity for all of us to try tomorrow.  As always - there’s no pressure, and this isn’t homework.  It’s just a fun, short thought experiment intended to embed your gratitude and magnify your joy.

It’s this simple: 


STEP 1:  Write a list of five people for whom you are grateful.  This could be a group of individuals, or a single person. It could be family member, spouse, friend, or colleague. The only criteria is that you are truly grateful for them, and how they have impacted your life. (PROTIP: Include yourself on this list!)

STEP 2: Write one (or more!) reason(s) you are grateful for each person listed above.  


I’ll get you started with a few examples…


1. My Partner, for...

  • Cherishing my mind, body, and spirit
  • Bravely communicating where no man has communicated before
  • Inspiring me to push myself when it comes to growing my business

2. My Clients, for...

  • Doing the hard & satisfying work of personal growth, and inviting me to participate!
  • The privilege of your vulnerability & courage
  • Helping me create an independent, flexible life by practicing my passion! 

3. My Dad, for...

  • Inspiring me to show up as a beginner & keep learning
  • Never judging me when it’s important
  • Showing me what it means to live by my values

4. My Best Friends (you know who you are…), for...

  • Loving me through thick and thin, man
  • Laughing with me
  • Kicking my ass when needed!

5. My Hilariously Modern Ladies Networking Group, for...

  • Creating a safe space where no question is too weird, silly or awkward
  • Offering massive support through the launch of Rowan Coaching!


Write a letter (or social post) to one of the people/groups on your list, and either give or send it to them before the week is out.  Gratitude shared is happiness magnified!


Here are some great articles on the connection between gratitude and happiness.  Happy learning!