Welcome to Episode 11, where we are beyond excited to host special guest - and real-life circus performer/entrepreneur/author - Elie Venesky! Elie joined us to help debunk the rule, "You can't actually run away to the circus," and share his wise and vulnerable advice for anyone considering taking a leap.  This is definitely one of Lydia's and my favorite episodes, and we know you'll love it too! 

Elie did practically nothing with his life until, at age 29, he decided to join the circus. 2 years later he was performing in Berlin with The Tigerlillies Circus. For the next 14 years, off and on, Venezky performed trapeze, lyra, and aerial dance around the US and the world. He performed on Oprah Winfrey show with the modern dance group Pilobolus, and won Most Innovative Performance at the 2009 World Burlesque Championships in Las Vegas. During that time, he also started a tutoring company and wrote three books on the emotional and psychological side of learning. He is currently working on an online math program.