Welcome to Episode 14 of Rules Aren't Real, where we're joined by very special guest Marcy Richardson to debunk the rule, "Real Artists Don't Get Naked." Anyone who has ever been brave enough to put their art into the world has faced criticism of one form or another, and yet who can say what is "correct"? No one! That's the very nature of art - it is an exploration of beauty and meaning, performed or expressed in a brand new way. And if you want to perform naked - YOU DO YOU!! If you are doing your authentic thing, nothing will get in your way. Marcy is a fantastic example of someone who has thrown the rule book of "what opera singers are allowed to do" out to GD window. And good riddance, we say!

Originally from Grosse Pointe, MI, Marcy Richardson is an NYC based classical soprano, aerialist and pole acrobat. In other words, she's a bad bitch and don't try this shit at home!

She currently performs as a singing aerialist and pole dancer with Company XIV, a dance company that seamlessly combines dance, opera, popular music, circus arts, and burlesque to tell stories. Equally at home as a concert soloist at Carnegie Hall as she is performing in burlesque supper clubs, she has her bachelors and masters degrees in voice performance from Indiana University, and started studying pole and aerial arts 6 years ago at Body & Pole. Please visit www.marcyrichardson.com (twitter & Instagram handle-OperaGaga) to learn more!

Marcy is currently performing with Company XIV in Nutcracker Rouge, a sexy and delicious reinterpretation of the holiday classic that includes circus, burlesque, ballet, sequins, singing, sparkles and basically anything you could possibly want in a performance! GO SEE HER NOW!

Tickets available at: http://companyxiv.com