The new podcast that I'm co-hosting with Lydia Billings, another fabulous coach for creatives (and a creative herself - she's an incredible photographer!), launches TOMORROW, WED July 6th!  I'm SO excited to share this podcast with you. We have so many rules we want to explore and debunk!!  Here are just a few to get you thinking, snapped at our very first podcast brainstorm!

RULES THAT AREN'T REAL (Unless they work for you!)

In our first episode, Lydia and I will be talking about what inspired us to start this podcast, why we believe it matters, and the kinds of "rules" we're planning to dissect and debunk. You'll also learn a lot about who we are - including the aspects of our personal and professional histories that have led to (or serve as examples of) rule-breaking.

In Episode 2 of Rules Aren't Real, we'll be debunking the rule that "feminists shouldn't be submissive." Take a listen as we explore contemporary definitions of feminism, learn what it means to be a submissive, and challenge a rule that - at best - limits our choices and self-knowledge, and - at worst - endangers women. We're really excited about our first themed issue, and think you'll find it pretty fascinating too.

Please listen in and tell us your thoughts! Until then...go break some rules!