Welcome to Episode 3, where we invite special guest "Zoe" to further explore and debunk the rule "Feminists Shouldn't Be Submissive." Zoe is the co-founder of SSASE (Soft Smiles Association for Submissive Education). She primarily identifies with the labels: feminist, submissive, little, masochist and slave. Zoe has taught classes on submission, navigating the lifestyle, and being single while submissive. Zoe is based in NYC and can be found learning the depths of her submission, experimenting with various types of play, and enjoying cupcakes.


SSASE is an educational and social group for submissive women. SSASE strives to be a place in the BDSM scene where submissive women feel empowered, supported, and safe.

What SSASE hopes to provide for submissive women:

  • Education: Through regularly scheduled classes and workshops focused on topics of interest to submissive women, we hope to help members better understand themselves, their submission, and the larger BDSM community.
  • Friendship: Through our variety of social activities, we hope to be a place where submissive women can foster positive, supportive connections with other women.
  • Safety: Through the education and social connections SSASE facilitates, we hope that submissive women will have the resources to help keep themselves and others safe as they navigate the kink scene.
  • An Outlet For Their Voices: Through our commitment to nurturing and supporting submissive women as leaders and educators, we hope to encourage submissive women to value and share their experience, knowledge, and skill to create a more varied dialogue in the community.