Welcome to our next installment of #LikeABoss - celebrating those who go after their "why" and win! Every month, Rowan Coaching features the story of someone brave enough to ditch the shoulds and carve their own path to success. Today, we are pumped to present Dallas Sauers - owner, creator, and beauty director of Dallas Beauty Lounge. Dallas is on a mission to help others #womxnup by using her salon as an educational center to launch other stylist's careers, and bust out amazing, innovative, and creative services to help womxn feel like their most amazing selves! 

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How did you ditch the BS and chase your dreams? 

I realized I wanted to blaze a trail for a new type of salon - one where we valued education, students starting their careers, training, cleanliness, but also had fair prices and practices. I worked at three different salons before opening my own and I didn't feel like any of them encompassed all of those things. When I was new to the industry, I didn't have help. When I was experienced, I deserved more. When I wanted to make suggestions for my bosses, they didn't listen. I wanted to change that and create a place that allowed every employee to be heard and every client to be welcomed. So I ditched the bullshit of my shitty jobs and create my own happy place. 

How do you and Dallas Beauty Lounge (DBL) help others #womxnup?

The girls of DBL get a chance to speak about their positives and negatives and we make changes based on what we think will benefit the salon as a whole. We also take our education in the beauty industry seriously. We continuously go to trainings, workshops, trade shows, seminars, everything. We want to be paid like we are serious stylists, so we have to be serious stylists. Aside from our professional visions, we regularly volunteer at our local Children's Hospital and donate to local women shelters and clothing drives. Most recently, we sponsored the Children's Hospital Prom where we donated over 50 prom dresses to the patients so they could attend prom in style! We also regularly promote other salons who are doing great things in the area. We welcome salons, and don't view them as competition. 


How do you and DBL’s vision of beauty help womxn to feel badass?


I think our vision at DBL is to make women feel like their best selves. When you feel confident on the outside, it helps your inner badass shine. We also promote our clients who own businesses as well with regular shout outs and patronizing their businesses. We believe it's important to support to the women who support us. 

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by the success of my peers and clients. If they are happy, I am happy. If they are successful, I am successful. I feel like this vision gets lost in so many businesses. I must say, I have not always felt this passionate about helping others, but I've learned a lot in the last few years of business when I had my first stylists quit. I had to get a new mindset and vision for what I thought would make a great atmosphere but also a long-term career. 

How do you lead as a business owner? Where has this created challenges, and how have you overcome them?

I know this is cliche but as a business owner, I do my best to lead by example. I know that to show my staff the best ways to perform, I need to show them that if I can do it, they can do it. I show up on time, with a smile, makeup, stylish. It's all about presentation and consistency. Yes, it's not easy to be 100% everyday with a newborn and over 20 employees, but I think it's important to show them the way to be the best they can even under difficult and busy times. I've faced challenges with this when I was pregnant and being sick. I also delivered early and unexpected so I didn't have a backup plan for missing work. Luckily, we have enough systems in place that I was confident in my staff to kill it without me. After that, I knew I could count on these girls to do anything without me. It's like preparing your kids to go off to college own their own and survive. 


What advice can you offer to someone wanting to break into your industry?

My biggest piece of advice is also cliche- BE DIFFERENT. Too many salons and beauty industry pros get lost in trying to copy salons they view as successful. Of course if it's working for them it looks great for you too, but it's important to find a niche that can set you apart. I have found this to be the case when a stylist leaves my salon. Too often they will copy our ideas, pricing, decor, whatever. In the end, it just ends up promoting my salon because their ideas originated here. It's important to be yourself. 

You can follow Dallas Beauty Lounge on Instagram - @dallasbeautylounge