The Rowan Coaching team is growing! You all know Colleen, Principal Coach and Founder of Rowan Coaching. Now meet guest coaches Jessica Trainor and Louisa Shepherd. Jessica and Louisa are both classically-trained musicians (that makes three of us!) turned brain-based coaches who  will be officially joining the Rowan Coaching team as partners in 2018. Both women are badass, dream-chasing feminists who espouse Rowan Coaching's core values - including that neither has limited her career to a single passion or pursuit. As a result of our diverse experience, we are uniquely positioned as a team to support a wide range of creatives, entrepreneurs, and other non-conformists in achieving your big, audacious goals. We know what it's like to walk in your shoes, because we're wearing the same pair! Want to learn more about our fabulous new coaches? Check us out below!


Colleen star koch

Founder, Principal Coach: Brain-based Coaching, Purpose Discovery, Personal + Small Business Brand Coaching, Life + Relationships, Small Group Coaching

Coaching is my passion, and a career that leaves me happier and more inspired at the end of each day than at the beginning. I launched Rowan Coaching in September 2015, and haven't looked back since. As a neuroscience-based coach, I specialize in helping those who are brave enough to define their own paths learn how how their brains work - and how to turn these mental supercomputers into assets instead of obstacles. I leverage my expertise as a brand executive, creative entrepreneur, and master ideator to help womxn figure out how to get unstuck, who they want to be when they grow up, and how to get there. Click the Learn More button below to (you guessed it) learn more the types of coaching I offer, and whether we might be a good fit. I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Colleen is based in Seattle, but you'll often find her bibbity bobbity booping around the globe. 


"Colleen helped me negotiate for the biggest job offer of my life. She essentially worked with me to create my dream job. If she hadn't coached me to figure out my personal values, and how I want those to translate in my career, this never would have been possible."

Jillian R., Writer + Play Expert

"Simply put, Colleen is brilliant. I don't think I have ever met someone as emotionally intelligent as Colleen. I am a lawyer-turned-creativepreneur, and let's just say that I am conflicted about my life choices sometimes...Working with Colleen has made such a difference in my perspective. She has made me fall in love with my life choices all over again, and never in the same way. She has taught me to re-wire my thinking through various exercises, and even though I feel silly sometimes, I trust her, so I do them. And guess what? They work. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 6.18.01 PM.png

If you are like me and are considering reaching out to Colleen, just do it. In the month I have been working with her, I tackled EVERY SINGLE item I'd had on my to-do list in the year since I launched my business. Colleen is a gift and a blessing, and she has my highest recommendation."

Gaby A., Mompreneur + Etsy Store Owner

"Colleen is genuinely the best person I've ever met at connecting people--to each other, to themselves, to what they want. She has a knack for pulling out all those jumbled thoughts in your brain and laying them out in a way that makes you think, "YES, EXACTLY, that's what's been in there, that's what I've been trying to make sense of, that's the direction I understand." Colleen gets it."

Quinne M. Journalist + Creative


"Colleen is really special. I’ve been working with her for the past few months on a diverse range of creative, academic, and emotional goals...One of the most concrete benefits I’ve experienced from working with Colleen is a huge improvement in my productivity and mood during the work day. Colleen crafts personalized schedules for my day based on neuroscience, and as a result I have literally doubled my essay-writing speed. 

Colleen is incredibly talented on an emotional level as well: she creates a safe space and time that is just for me, and I can tell that she is really listening and actively thinking about my goals because of her invariably insightful responses. It’s been wonderful having such a supportive partner in my life, and best of all, it is so fulfilling to actually accomplish goals that I’ve dreamt about for a long time. Colleen is magic – her coaching is the best thing to enter my life in a long time and she has my highest, most enthusiastic recommendation."

Lauren S., Children's Media Researcher, Comic Artist, and Doula

For more testimonials, please check out our homepage, Colleen's LinkedIn page, and our Facebook page!


Jessica Trainor

Partner, Lead Creative + Transition Coach: Creative Career Coaching + Strategy, Finding Your Voice, Confidence Coaching

Jessica Trainor thrives off of the #giglife. She is a classically trained singer, a voice teacher, and now a Creative Coach and Artist Actualizer. Jessica aims to work with creatives and talented individuals to facilitate career jumps, or even ditch the standard working world by leveraging their skills, talents, and passions into work they are proud of and celebrate daily. Most of all, Jessica wants people to live their joy, and take their shot at fulfilling their dreams and living their passionate life. Through coaching, she aims to help people reconnect or rekindle their passion, sort things out to hatch a plan, and cultivate creative entrepreneurial careers.

Jessica is based in Boston, but you'll often find her getting involved in international shenanigans. 



"I have something Jessica said in one of our sessions hanging on a Post-it on my wall – we were talking about my struggle to find enough work to remain financially stable, and she said, “Being an artist is 100% about finding creative solutions to problems.” I can’t explain it, but it was like a whole new dimension opened up for me – instead of feeling totally deadened and defeated about the prospect of finding more work, I began to approach it like an artist and used my creativity and resourcefulness to find work that worked for me.

When I started coaching, I was concerned about making sure I had enough work with the tourism company I’m working for. I was wondering whether or not to take a more stable 9-5 (this idea didn’t make my heart sing), or whether I should finally make a go of it with one of my true passions – acting.


Now, I’m in an acting class, I’ve got a role in a short film, I’m booking commercial work, and most importantly, I’m taking my passions and values seriously, investing in them, and through that, learning how to take myself seriously as an artist and go after what I want. How’s that for tangible progress?

[Re: If there is a good ROI on coaching] "YES! My GOD, yes! It’s your LIFE – there’s no time like the present to invest in yourself, and no better return on that (I think) then coaching with Jessica. If you’re feeling stuck, or lost, or don’t know how to get to this thing you want, or you’re not quite sure if this thing is the thing you want, or you just feel like you’ve been struggling and struggling and nothing is working out…talk to Jessica. Really. Do it. It will change your life." 

Lizzie S., Actor + Creative


"When life got me down, Jessica stopped by and stayed a while.

Be it work, relationship, career goals, etc., any little problem would quickly manifest itself into a major problem. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to let go and trust the mind of someone else. My mind knew all and there was nothing you could have said to change it. Or so I thought.

Jessica has helped me find clarity in situations and reassures me when I begin to doubt the possibilities. She asks questions, puts them in perspective and lets me explore them at my own pace without pressure to accomplish everything at once. Her insight offers me the opportunity to turn my ideas into actions. She challenges me to journey into the “what ifs” of life and she has helped me feel safe exploring my own mind. For the first time, I put that inner, self-sabotaging voice across from me and told it how I really felt. Now I refuse to let fear have the last word."

Christiana J., Early Childhood Educator + Vocalist

For more testimonials, please check out Jessica's website, Jessica's LinkedIn page, and our Facebook page!


Louisa shepherd

Partner, Lead Career + Business Coach: Brand + Business Strategy, Career Transitions, Entrepreneurship, Leveling Up

Louisa Shepherd is a Success Coach & Career Strategist who partners with high performing, non-conforming individuals to design meaningful careers, foster creative entrepreneurship, and cultivate a new generation of impact driven leaders. As a classically trained musician turned executive and entrepreneur, she has a deep knowledge of how strategically cultivating your personal brand can create new opportunities for success.

Louisa is based in Memphis, but you'll often find her networking like a boss all around the world (ay ay ay...).


"Working with Louisa on my career strategy has given me the tools and feedback I needed to level up! Her career coaching sessions not only gave me much more clarity on what my values, brand, mission, and goals are, but her process also gave me confidence in myself to know and communicate my value in a cohesive and impactful way. I'm now more comfortable saying "NO" to the wrong opportunities and confident in saying "YES" to the right ones because I know they align with and will advance my multi-passionate career."

Zach P., Entrepreneur


"Louisa did an amazing job at helping me keep myself accountable to the goals I set for myself personally and professionally. She gave me perspective in the areas where I was out of alignment, and helped me get into the right frame of mind to breathe life into my creative pursuits. She is gifted at helping leaders take stock of their brilliance in service to their dreams - for the sake of transformation, and for the sake of themselves."

Deron H., Arts + Culture Strategist, Executive Leader and Entrepreneur

"When I first started working with Louisa, I was settling for my job and unaware of what I was truly looking for.  After having multiples sessions and reevaluating my career path, she has helped to define my core strengths and values that I can bring...not just in my career but in my life.  Louisa has helped me re-direct my approach to the job search and the importance of personal fulfillment.  She is an excellent listener and communicator, sometimes I feel that I've known her my whole life!  Because of Louisa, I feel more confident and motivated in finding the perfect job. Thank you, Louisa!"

Dominque E., Non-Profit Administrator +Photography Blogger


"If you are like me and feel like resumes and cover letters and cv's are these horrifying pdfs shrouded in mystery that make you think, "maybe I could just not have a job... that would be better than writing this...", you should contact Louisa and get her help. She kind of blew my mind with how easy this stuff can be. What are you waiting for? Seriously why are you still reading this? Contact her!!! She is the best!!!"

Mark U., Musician/Percussionist

For more testimonials, please check out Louisa's website, Louisa's LinkedIn page, and our Facebook page!