Is ROCO Right For You?


Is ROCO Right For You?

You might be a good fit for ROCO Services if any of the following statements resonate with you. 

I want to work on advancing my career, getting unstuck, starting a business, or figuring out how to jump industries...


I feel stuck and I need some help figuring out my next steps



I'm a creative, and want to make a living off my art


I need help creating a kickass application package 


I'm not sure I want to stay in my relationship


I don't know what I want to be when I
grow up


I want to make my side hustle my main hustle


I want to improve my interview skills


I want to learn how to design my own brand and website


I want to change careers, and don't know where to start


I want to start my own business, but I'm not sure where to start


I want help building confidence and shifting negative thought habits


I think I might want to be a coach too!


ROCO Services

ROCO Services

Brain-Based Coaching

Starting with the belief that rules aren’t real, I help clients switch gears from Human Doing to Human Being. Using neuroscience-based tools, I create comfortable, energizing spaces where honest growth can happen. I leverage my experience as  an entrepreneur, master ideator, brand executive and creative to coach those brave enough to define their own path. I'm here to help you turn your JOY into a life that is profitable, effective, and f*ckload of fun. 


life & Relationship coaching

This is brain-based coaching specifically oriented around your personal life, thinking habits and patterns, and relationships. Whether you're looking to figure out what you're passionate about outside of work, address negative thinking patterns, develop better work/life balance, figure out whether to stay in a relationship (and what on earth to do next if you leave) - I got you. It all starts with the core foundation of understanding who you want to be, and how that translates to your life. 


Career Advancement & Transition coaching

This is brain-based coaching specifically oriented around your career - whether you are changing careers, leveling up, starting your own business, or launching a side hustle - I'm  here to help. As a team, we also offer resume coaching + design, interview prep, leadership coaching, small business strategy consulting, personal and business branding, and Squarespace web design.


purpose-driven coaching

What do you want to be when you grow up? If that question stumps you, or you're feeling stuck or lost, then purpose-driven coaching is for you. It's brain-based coaching (see above for details) that is specifically targeted to helping you figure out who you want to be, how you want your life to feel, what career would both make you the happiest and allow you the lifestyle you desire. Together, we'll identify your core values, design your big, audacious goal, and develop both powerful strategies and targeted actions to help you get from here to there. 

Branding for Professionals and Solopreneurs

This is brain-based coaching specifically oriented around developing your personal or small business brand. I use my knowledge of neuroscience to help you craft a brand that is emotionally compelling (since that's how everyone makes decisions), gorgeous, and actionable. Applying a coaching approach to this process ensures that the brand we develop is by you, for you. Through a super transparent, structured, and easy-to-understand process, we'll design a bangin' brand that makes your audience stop and take notice.


Professional positioning site for industry jumpers 

If you're trying to jump from one field or industry to another without 100% relevant experience or education/training, I recommend building a professional positioning website that positions you as a developing expert. Not only will the process of creating this website give you an opportunity to do all the thinking necessary to write the perfect cover letter and ace the interview -  it also allows you to share the story of why you're perfect for the job. This website will clearly communicate that you're not just some candidate bored with their career path. You are a compelling candidate with a demonstrable passion who has been pursuing a non-traditional path to your dream job. Use this site to get the word out, share your personality, and communicate your role-relevant ideas, skills, and deliverables  with potential employers. 

ROCO Web Design Mocks.006.png

total ownership brand identity & web design 

Coaching service-oriented solopreneurs from idea to launch in 10 sessions. Learn the basics of branding in a way that allows you to create a stunning, compelling, and actionable website that reflects your personality, values, and what sets your offering apart. My coach approach to brand identity and web design ensures that you have complete ownership over the final product. I want you to feel confident describing your brand and  comfortable editing and updating your own site. There's no reason for this to be an expensive, stressful, involved, and time-consuming process. I'll get you ready to launch in three months or less. How 'bout them apples?


storytelling and presentation design 

A great presentation combines good storytelling with impeccable information architecture and design, confidence, and the ability to interact effectively with your audience. I can't tell you how many times my clients have closed a deal, landed a new client, or been offered that promotion as a result of a beautifully executed promotion. This service will take you from presentation concept to delivery, providing you with a delicious design that captures your audience's attention and public speaking coaching that prepares you to show the f*ck UP.

Career Advancement Support

These offerings are for anyone who is planning to apply to job, and wants to stand out from the crowd. I will bring my coaching, branding, and copywriting expertise to bear to make sure your application package is distinctive, compelling, effective, and memorable. 

Application package coaching & Design 

This package includes the following sessions, designed to provide you with a standout resume positioned perfectly for your desired role:

  • Defining Your Narrative (50-min session): lets figure out the positioning that effectively communicates why you're the perfect candidate for this role.
  • Resume Copy Edit & Design (1.5 hours): Based on our initial conversation, I will edit and design a resume that conveys your personality AND your expertise in a way that is tailored to the exact position you want!
  • Cover Letter Copy Edit & Design (1.5 hours):  I will edit and design the letter in a way that amplifies your message while retaining your authentic voice. 

Interview Skills Coaching

In this 3-session package, you will learn how to prepare the content of your interview (including behavioral and experience questions), present yourself in a professional way that still communicates your unique personality, speak clearly and effectively, and use body language that conveys confidence, engagement, and personal power. ROCO collaborator Ariel Companioni - who has gotten every single job he's ever applied to - is also available to help those in technology-specific fields navigate the world of golden handcuffs and effectively prepare for technical interviews. We got you, fam.


Linkedin Positioning and brand copy writing  

LinkedIn doesn't have to be a dry, terrible networking landscape where personality goes to die. Let me work with you to create a more direct, natural, and engaging profile that simultaneously helps potential employers understand WHO you are and most effectively positions your experience for the career track you're pursuing. 

Support for Developing Coaches 

Whether you are considering becoming a coach, or are in the early stages of your coaching business, I'm here to help you show up with integrity, curiosity, and excellence. I leverage my unique experience as a brain-based career coach, branding expert, and entrepreneur to make sure both you and your business succeed. 


Coaching for Coaches 

There is nothing more powerful than womxn supporting womxn. Now, for only $34/week, you can join 7-10 carefully curated humans for Coaching Together-an 11-week brain-based curriculum designed to kick your ass in the best way. Not only is this neuroscience-based program super fun, it will increase your productivity, effectiveness, and confidence. You'll have a chance to design your big goal and develop powerful, practical strategies to achieve it.


Coach mentoring 

There is nothing more powerful than womxn supporting womxn. Now, for only $34/week, you can join 7-10 carefully curated humans for Coaching Together-an 11-week brain-based curriculum designed to kick your ass in the best way. Not only is this neuroscience-based program super fun, it will increase your productivity, effectiveness, and confidence. You'll have a chance to design your big goal and develop powerful, practical strategies to achieve it.

Group Coaching & Networking Groups

Are you seeking support on a budget, or do you work better in collaborative environments? No problem! ROCO currently offers two options to support your needs. The first is a low-cost, high-impact 12-week program that will help you make major progress with the support of 6-12 carefully curated women. The second is a completely free Meetup Group where you can get a taste of brain-based coaching over delicious cocktails at Seattle's best bars and speakeasies. 


Coaching together 

There is nothing more powerful than womxn supporting womxn. Now, for only $34/week, you can join 7-10 carefully curated humans for Coaching Together-an 11-week brain-based curriculum designed to kick your ass in the best way. Not only is this neuroscience-based program super fun, it will increase your productivity, effectiveness, and confidence. You'll have a chance to design your big goal and develop powerful, practical strategies to achieve it.



Cocktails & Coaching Meetup Group 

If you love craft cocktails and brainy conversations with growth-minded individuals, then this group is for you! Join brain-based coaches Colleen Star Koch and her business and life partner, Ariel Companioni,  for twice-monthly chats on topics ranging from how to start your own business to sharpening your interview skills, ditching negative thinking to the cult of extroversion. Get a taste of neuroscience-based coaching at Seattle's most fabulous cocktail bars and speakeasies, while connecting with like minds who are similarly interested in personal and professional transformation. 


I offer a variety of workshops for individuals, groups, and corporate teams. Whether you are looking to gain clarity around your values and goals, improve your team's performance or communication, get insight into the nature of your dilemma and potential solutions, or work with me to create a workshop tailored to the specific needs of your team or organization - this is the place to start!


priority values workshop 

Our values are not only the scaffolding of our individual identities, they are the core drivers of our brand and path. Our work in this session is to identify your values and assess how much they are (or are not) in alignment across the key areas of your life. This provides immediate clarity about what is and isn't working and why. We conclude this session with a “Jump Start Action Plan” designed to help you begin the process of realigning with your core values through fun, doable action steps!


Big Goal Workshop 

This workshop is all about defining success on your terms. I take a very different approach to this big-picture goal setting than many others as a direct result of my neuroleadership training. Neuroscience teaches us that not only is the separation between “emotional” and “logical” a false construct, it establishes a paradigm in which we miss key information from the most powerful part of our brain: our subconscious. With this in mind, I like to zoom out and start with the fundamentals by engaging participants around how it is that they want to feel in their lives, and what could change or become possible if they did feel that way. This results in a really powerful big picture goal statement that gives you SUPER solid criteria to make professional and personal choices moving forward. Either those choices support and further your definition of success, or they don’t. 


custom workshops 

Intrigued by ROCO's brain-based approach, but not seeing the exact offering you're envisioning for your group, team, or organization? Let's talk! I'm always on the lookout for an opportunity to create new custom offerings for enthusiastic clients. We'll start with a conversation regarding the issue you are working to address, the personalities of your group/team, and your desired outcome. Based on the results of this initial consultation, I'll provide you with a free proposal outlining the workshop or program that I recommend. Once we've agreed on a direction, I'll design the workshop and all related participant materials. Depending on your needs, I will also bring in my partner Ariel Companioni to provide you with data analysis and longitudinal reporting, so that the results of our work together are clear and demonstrable to your stakeholders.