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Month-by-month guide to setting goals for the rest of ’18

 “By breaking your goal down month-by-month, you create smaller steps that are measurable and achievable,” explains founder of Rowan Coaching, Colleen Star Koch. “These steps embed repetition so that change becomes more lasting that builds up over time. You learn new skills that go into your toolbox, and can pull them out as you advance down the road to your ultimate goal.” Colleen Star Koch

How to handle those open-ended interview questions

“At the end of the day, it’s likely that you’ll be competing against several people who have similar skills and experience,” she says. “Your interviewer will instinctively choose the person they want to work with — the person they feel belongs in their tribe and has a personality that vibes with the brand and team.” Colleen Star Koch

3 ways to tell if your relationship is ruining your career

“The people that we spend the most time with have an enormous impact on our identities, period,” Koch says. “No matter how smart, talented, and fabulous you are, a romantic partner who isn’t a good match has the potential to be the single determining factor in whether or not you’re successful in your career.” Colleen Star Koch