What does Rowan Coaching Offer?

There are so many fun and engaging ways to work with Rowan Coaching!  Check out the snap summary, and then click through or scroll down for more details!


  • Personal One-on-One Coaching with Colleen: Totally fun. Super effective, and 100% customized to you. 

  • Small Group Coaching: The New  (U)nicorn Program gives you an opportunity to join 6-7 carefully curated humans in a 12-week brain-based curriculum designed to kick your ass in the best way possible. This program is offered several times per year. Get in touch to find out when the next cohort begins!

  • Workshops: Bring me  in to your company for some powerfully fun workshops, or join one as a participant! These are offered periodically, and dates are listed below.

  • Coming Soon! In the next several months, I will also be offering webinars and online workshops. Check back for more!

Personal One-on-One Coaching 

Work with Founder and Lead Coach Colleen Star Koch to create your
passionate life.

My brain-based, creative approach is designed to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators like you clarify your goals, identify your core values, develop powerful strategies, and GET SHIT DONE. As your partner in progress, I will help you stay accountable to your big vision and problem-solve / project-manage all of the steps from here to there.  With my unique creative background in music, design, marketing, new business/product development, and branding, I'm also prepared to offer guidance as you develop your idea or art into a business - including connecting you with one of our designers to develop your brand's visual identity, typically by Skype or phone .  To sign up for a FREE intro session, click here!

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Small Group Coaching: New (U)nicorn

This coaching program is designed to kick your a** in the very best way.

For only $29/week, you'll get to participate in a weekly coaching telesession with 6-7 carefully curated humans just as awesome as you are!  Not only is this neuroscience-based program super fun, it will  increase your productivity, effectiveness, and confidence.  

In order to give each participant maximum value, this program is highly structured: each week has a dedicated topic, accompanied by a worksheet and a take-home action agenda.  Check out the full curriculum below, starting with the You Do (Unicorn) Brand Values Workshop! By the end of this program, you will shift negative thinking, have a  handle on time management, and make significant progress towards the big, inspiring goal we create in our second session! 

To learn more, please click here. If you're reading to sign up, get in touch to schedule a free intro consult and find out when the next cohort begins!


If you could significantly improve your mindset or your life in just 2.5 hours, why wouldn't you?  Check out our current workshops below!



You Do (U)Nicorn:
A Brand Values WOrkshop

Are you feeling stuck, out of whack, overwhelmed, like you never have enough time, unhappy in your job or your relationship, or like you're having trouble staying grounded?  If you said yes to any of the options above, this  2.5-hour workshop is the perfect way to jump-start the process of getting back to your best, truest self. 

We start by developing awareness, as we identify your top 10 values. Then we shift that awareness to insight by assessing how much your core values are showing up across the 5 key areas of your life: work, home/personal environment, intimate relationship, family and friends/social life. Finally, we take that insight and turn it into action by brainstorming a fun, doable action plan that you can accomplish over the next 3-4 weeks!

What's Included:

  • A 3-hour values exploration, including both group and individual coaching, with me!
  • A gorgeous (and delicious!) array of hors d'oeuvres
  • Prosecco or sparkling water 

To attend a workshop or bring me into your company/community/space to lead one, email me directly at colleen@rowancoaching.com.



NO. 2 - Your Brain On Play
Make friends with your brain to unleash your inner superhero

Play is basically the best thing ever. Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp has researched play extensively and has defined an instinct known as “play-joy.” He suggests it is one of the basic emotional systems in human beings along with anger, fear, the sex drive and the maternal drive. Play releases dopamine, creating that all-important toward state (i.e. future-focused, more optimistic than negative) that supports optimal cortical function. 

Why else is play awesome? Because it...

helps you learn and remember
fosters creativity and innovation
boosts confidence
improves your overall productivity
connects us and creates community
makes your brain light up and grow
feels great (which matters!)
is awesome for your physical health!


This 2.5-hour workshop was developed in collaboration with developing play expert Jillian Richardson (that's her^^), and is both super informative and super fun! We start by playing a few games and discussing when we stopped playing as adults, as well as how it's impacted us. Then we delve into the scientific (and experiential) value of play - both for individuals and for businesses. We cover some pretty powerful case studies to illustrate the latter point before jumping into why gamification is such a valuable and effective approach to building more play into your company culture. We'll then have fun exploring everyone's play personalities - mind-mapping a gorgeous brainstorm of "play activity" ideas, before introducing our proprietary (and customized to you) game! This game is intended to be played by all workshop participants over a month-long period, ending with a fun incentive or celebration. You'll be AMAZED at the transformation you see!

To inquire about bringing this workshop to your company/space/community, email Colleen directly at colleen@rowancoaching.com.



What the Word on Workshops?

"I have to give a huge shoutout to Colleen Star Koch! Ladies, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience her workshop today. She is amazing. Thank you Colleen. Thank you for your inspiration, wise words, treats, prosecco, compassion, joy and magic you shared. This afternoon brought me to a greater understanding of my life and what I want from all aspects of it, and it's all thanks to you! So much love and gratitude!" -Karis L., fabulous human & pilates instructor
"I've had the opportunity of hearing about Colleen's coaching yet never had the chance to participate, until I heard about this workshop. Colleen organized this workshop with such hospitality, warmth and authenticity it didn't feel like a stiff, cheesy how-to of "getting your life together" where you did nothing once the class ended. The workshop helped funnel my scattered (yet related) values into a cohesive "ah-ha" moment at the end. I finally feel like I am ready to take the next step to live a more fulfilling and value-aligned life. Thank you Colleen, you truly are wonderful at what you do!" -Gabby S., fashion maven and generally smart cookie

All of these stunning photos were taken by the inimitable Carey MacArthur. Hire her!